28 mayo 2007

Las letras de "Hometown" y "Me and my guitar".

Estas son las letras de dos de los temas incluidos en el álbum de Mikael Bolyos "Family Affair".


Going back to my hometown.
Isn't it as I saw you.
God, will I know you?

Are you still a friend of mine?

Going back to my hometown...
I knew when I left you.
That we weren't gonna talk for a while.

But god, how I missed you.

Each and every day
without your smile.

So feel what you gave me...
'Cause I'll always remember...

Producida por Mikael Bolyos y Marie Fredriksson.
Grabada por Mikael Bolyos en Vinden Studio, Djursholm, Suecia en 1996.

Mezclada por Mikael Bolyos y Marie Fredriksson.
Voz: Marie Fredriksson. De la Banda sonora de la película "Sånt är livet"

"Me and my guitar"


How could it be that she is so sweet and mine

I've been waiting for her since
I was just a child, oh yeah
Now that I've met this lovely girl of mine

I can't get her of my mind
But she has to be left behind

Pretty baby (you' re ruling the heart)
But I told you from the start

I said maybe (you' re ruling the heart)

Ain't got time makes ever me and my guitar

How can I treat the woman of my life

Like a second hand interest, not to be my wife
She said maybe

You're gay, but she wants me to stay

I can't get her of my mind...

I will need no other, feel no other baby

(You' re ruling the heart).

Coros: Marie Fredriksson.

Ya esta en construcción la Website oficial de Mikael Bolyos tras la cual se encuentra Pelle Piano.

Bolyos.com / Pelle Piano.

Fuente: LittleMarie.

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